ASK provides air freight service to worldwide destinations. Your shipments move on the next-available-flight-out basis and are routed for same-day departure. We can air freight anything from a small, time sensitive parcel to heavy equipment that requires expedited service. There are no weight or size requirements. However, we do have to comply with the aircraft specifications.
Within our airfreight structure, we can track the shipment from origin to its destination, via our system. Flight details, such as date of departure and arrival, flight number and airway bill is available to the client and provided prior to shipment departure.
ASK also provides ocean freight transportation to the major ports overseas (View the ASK Network). The shipments are booked on the vessels sailing to the closest port of your shipments destination. Shipping containers are available. Once the shipment arrives, appropriate customs clearance procedures must be arranged by the consignee with their customs brokers or the ASK agent at destination. Customs duties and/or tariffs will be based on the value of the commercial invoice and payable by the consignee.
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